About Us


In-Person Worship @ 9 AM | Online Worship @ 10 AM | Fully Vaxxed In-Person Worship @ 11 AM

Embrace Hospitality

We all hunger for a safe place to be our authentic selves, so we embrace the ancient practice of hospitality that declares no matter who you are, or where you're at on life's journey, you will be welcomed here and cherished as a person of undeniable worth. By practicing hospitality we proudly declare, "You matter!"

Nurture Spirituality

Not everyone is religious but most claim some level of spirituality. We nurture spiritual growth because it offers deeper connections with God, with our neighbors, and with all creation.

Serve Hope

The world is in need; we all see hunger and injustice. We believe in being the change we wish to see in the world through social justice, activism, and serving the needs of our neighbors.


We are all invited into a life of abundance, purpose, and play! We believe that God created us as children of laughter and that God's humor, joyful surprise, and playfulness are woven into creation and into each of us. We seek that spirit of play which helps us all to live freely and lightly in a heavy world.