Imago Dei


In-Person Worship @ 9 AM | Online Worship @ 10 AM | Fully Vaxxed In-Person Worship @ 11 AM

Imago Dei: A Symposium on Spirituality and sexuality

Come and join us on November 20th for an exploration of Queer Faith and the God who thought bodies were so cool to want one! Led by Dr. Peter Carlson, Associate Professor of Religion, Cal Lutheran University. The symposium will be from 9 AM-1 PM at UMCPS. Please bring $15 to pay at the door! There will also be a reception at V Wine Lounge at 4:30 PM.

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About Dr. Peter Carlson

Dr. Carlson’s work at CLU has two primary areas of concentration, which often intertwine: religious history; and gender and religion.

Their research in religious history focuses on the late medieval and early modern eras. They are particularly interested in how various kinds of texts (literary, theological, and academic) influence religious thought and practice. They have studied in particular the library of a late-medieval monastic college in Ashridge, England, attempting to identify its relationship to diocesan structures, the medieval universities, and English royalty during its 250 year history. They are also working on a queer biography of the college's founder, Edmund earl of Cornwall, whose heart was interred at the college with that of another man, Thomas, bishop of Canterbury. Carlson's work studying an all-male, medieval, intellectual enclave relates to their second area of study.

Carlson’s work on gender began with an interest in the constructions of masculinity and femininity (and other gendered expressions) in the late medieval and early modern periods, but has expanded to include theologies of sexuality and gender construction across religious traditions in the present day. They are particularly interested in incarnational theology -- what they call in-bodied theology – and seeks to interrogate the performative roles of gender in all of their classes. They teach courses in Gender and Religion and Queer Theology, and Carlson is Director of the Gender and Women’s Studies minor, working closely with a broad range of academic disciplines to expand the course offerings for the program.

Carlson is a sketchy Christian (because Jesus says some hard stuff), but a committed Episcopalian, and gives presentations at a religious communities across Southern California on the history of the Christian church, the pursuit and quality of sacred space, medieval history, sex and sexuality, and the history of gender and marriage. Carlson also regularly preaches and leads worship services at churches across the state. Carlson is also cis-male, and a proud gender-fucker, messing deeply with people’s minds regarding gender presentation and socializations of gender identity.

Dr. Carlson lives with their spouse, Eric Kamm, his mother-in-law Ina Wentzel, and their cats, Skittles and Merlin, in Camarillo.