Provocative Proposals


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Provocative Proposals

These provocative proposals have grown out of the core values. Through the strategic planning process, we discerned these four areas of emphasis that represent provocative visions for the future of this community. We seek to move beyond conventional boundaries to be an active and engaged movement of passionate Christianity in the world.

  • Beyond Feeding Ministries- How can we propel the feeding ministries beyond meeting the temporary needs of hunger and transition into larger root issues like housing, job training, medical concerns, and connecting with other critical resources? UMCPS will be a hub for homelessness resources.
  • Beyond the Rainbow- How can we expand our reach to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies? UMCPS will create a community that heals the wounds the Church has caused our queer brothers and sisters and emerge a world where all the colors of the rainbow are celebrated as sacred.
  • Beyond Generations- The children, youth and families of the Coachella Valley are an under-served community. UMCPS will develop hospitality, spirituality, service and play to this community in ways that respond to their heard needs and, in so doing, transform us all.
  • Beyond the Building- UMCPS is blessed with undeveloped land. On this property, we will construct affordable housing and rejoice in the beloved community that our new neighbors bring.
  • Beyond the Snow- The Coachella Valley is blessed with a generous flock of “snowbirds” every winter. UMCPS will be a haven of intentional soul-care for those who reside both here and elsewhere.

Your input in crafting the dreams and details of these provocative proposals is dearly needed and desired. Please prayerfully consider being part of one of our five provocative-proposal writing teams. Make your voice heard and vision seen! And bond with those who share your particular passion for our future.

Fill out the form below and let us know which proposal you are interested in working on. Please note if undecided.