Sunday Worship (Online) @ 10 am

Small group, Book, & bible studies

While we are still not meeting physically, we are still able to gather together through Zoom to dive into the Bible and explore other forms of literature. Anyone is welcome to join. What can we learn about God during this time? What themes from the Bible speak to our heart? Let's explore together!

Remember- small group study begins September 14

Looking for a next step to take on your faith journey? On your wilderness journey?

Understanding our values and who we are can help us better determine where we want to go and how to get there. In a new study led by Jeremy Wells, we will discuss several important questions:

  • How do we live out our values and beliefs in meaningful ways today?
  • What personal values are central to how I see myself? 
  • How can I be intentional with my values to help me, my family, and my community thrive?

Sign up today for the three-week study beginning Monday, September 14:

bible study series on the minor prophets

You can join the Zoom Bible study Wednesday at 3 pm-

Book study on "White fragility"

How do we (especially the white 'we') talk about race? How can we engage in dialogue in constructive ways? Together we will work through the book, "White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism" and learn what white fragility is, how it contributes to racial inequity, and how we can do better. 

Each week of the study we will share a recap video on Tuesday at 5:00 pm that shows actual clips from the Zoom study, shares the discussion questions, and provides a recap of the content of the book. 

This week we recap chapters 1-4 of the book "White Fragility" and explore key concepts. This week's discussion questions include:    

  • How do you define racial prejudice?    
  • How do you define racial discrimination?    
  • How do you define racism?    
  • How have these played a role throughout your life?

You will hear author Robin DiAngelo's definitions from the book. These are the same questions discussed during the book study. Keep the discussion and the dialogue going by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Week One Recap:

This week's discussion questions include:

  • What are your hopes for this book and book study?
  • What are your fears about this study?
  • How do you define race?
  • How do you define racism?
  • How do recognize when racism occurs?
  • You are also invited to watch the first 4:20 of this interview with the author Robin DiAngelo-