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Small group, bible studies & film series

While we are still not meeting physically, we are still able to gather together through Zoom to dive into the Bible and explore other forms of literature. Anyone is welcome to join. What can we learn about God during this time? What themes from the Bible speak to our heart? Let's explore together!

"It's a Wondereful Life" Bible Study

All are invited on an in-depth exploration of scripture and themes of Capra's great film.  We'll watch clips of the film as a part too!  On Zoom.  Begins Tuesday, November 30 at 3 PM and then moves to Wednesdays at 3 pm through the month of December (Dec. 8, 15, 22, and 29).  We'll be using the book "It's a Wonderful Life Study Guide" as a part.  The study guide is available on Amazon - click on Study Guide below - and elsewhere.  You don't have to purchase the book to participate in the study, although you will enjoy using it!
Study Guide

Please let Pastor Jane know your questions, and please register for the Bible study HERE. 

The Zoom link for the class is:

"Always a Guest" Book Study

From renowned preacher, Barbara Brown Taylor comes a new collection of stories and sermons of faith, grace, and hope.  Contact Poul Bahnson for details and to register for the book study. Call 760-322-2822 or email